Friday, March 16, 2012


Around 15 months after completion, we're still chasing up incomplete items on our 3 month maintenance inspection. Eden Brae were relatively good during the build, but our experience of their processes in resolving post build issues is nothing short of woeful. After identifying a leaking balcony at the 3 month inspection, not surprisingly the quick "bodgy" fix didn't work, and it's continued to leak through, now making the gyprock mouldy. We've chased them up a few times since, and are yet to hear of a resolution. We had some other dodgy fixes. Patched gyprock that looks at least as bad as what they were attempting to fix to begin with, and a damaged skirting board from where the carpet layer hammered a tac in to pin the carpet down. We also have an unpainted bathroom ceiling from after the patching. Score for satisfaction on the post build maintenace, 1 out of 10.

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