Monday, November 15, 2010

Move in date, November 30th?

With a little bit left to do after the pci, our site supervisor believes that we will move in around the end of November. Time to book the moving truck, and start boxing things up.

PCI done

We were hoping for a nice dry day for the pci today. Alas the dry weather didn't hold, and we found ourselves wading through the mud as we did the pci. We picked up the usual expected issues. Plenty of spots of paint to be touched up, a few scratches on the window frames. A few bricks that need to be replaced. Some Maroka finish that needs to be refinished, a few leaking pipes. Nothing too major at this point it seems. It's good to see the final, or near final product. We are pretty happy overall with the colour selection.

Friday, November 12, 2010

PCI booked for Monday

The finish line is in sight with the pci booked this Monday. Fingers crossed there will not be too much to do after that. We are hoping for a move in date of late November. The bagging has been finished on the balconies and at the front. When the landscaping has been done, I think it will look quite good.