Friday, January 6, 2012

Blessed with a rather large deck!!

I spent a very worthwhile 5 days over the Christmas break constructing a deck to extend the alfresco area. It extends it outwards by 1 and a half metres and adds a 3m by 1.8 m BBQ area to the side. I've also decked around the side of the house so that the french doors open up onto it.

All up, it cost somewhere around $2.5K to construct. The bulk of that went on the boards which are white mahogany. They were $1500 delivered for 460 lm, from Windsor auctions, less than half the price from the local wood yards. The lengths were a bit irregular, but it's great quality, and it worked out fine, with limited waste.
It makes the alfresco area much more useable, and means that we're no longer cramped in the original smaller space. I've got some trimming up to do around the edges, and staining to complete, but i'll leave that until the blisters have healed. It's solid as a rock, thanks to the 30 odd bags of concrete used. It's probably over engineered, but it should last. The dogs are happy with it anyway. They now have a new favourite spot.

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Excellent looking space guys. Soooo much more usable space than ours ! Wish we had done the same.

    Looking forward to pics after it's oiled......