Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Edging and staining

A lovely way to spend a long week end. Out in the rain, digging the soaked clay and chipping away at concrete wall footings to get the edging in. The combination of rock hard soil, concrete and rocks gave me about a 50% break rate on the wooden spikes that anchored the edging in. We went for treated pine edging. It works out a bit cheaper than some of the alternatives, though I suspect won't be quite as durable as steel of bricks/pavers. We also started the staining, getting the first coat completed on the inside of the fence and giving us a preview of the finished product. My guess by our coverage rate so far is that we are looking at 4-5 10 litre tins of stain. At about $150 a tin, It soon adds up.

I still have plenty more edging ahead of me. I still have to do the garden beds in the front and side gardens.

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