Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 'key' to customer satisfaction

We have now been in our home for 2 months. Unfortunately in that time we have never been able to open our french doors leading off the dining room. When we moved in we noted that the door had no key that fit. We contacted Eden Brae, who sent out the key. That key also did not fit, we again contacted them again a new key was sent out. This was exactly the same key that was sent the first time! AGAIN we contacted them and yet another key was sent. AGAIN IT IS THE WRONG KEY.

Overall we are happy with our home thus far, but this seems to be an ongoing issue with things that were promised to us on the handover of our house. The day we moved in, the site supervisor stood in our kitchen telling us that a painter would be here the next day to complete the painting that was left unfinished and do some 'touch ups'. That was 2 MONTHS AGO. We have emailed and called. We were also told that a rail that was left off one of the windows would be fixed quickly, haven't seen any evidence of that yet either. Without the rail we cannot have a flyscreen, which again is another window which cannot be used. Hmmmmm .... out of sight, out of mind ?????

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