Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're in

It's been a while since our last post. We've been in for a few weeks, and have had no net access. We've been busily getting quotes on fences, fly screens, blinds and other things that you don't really consider as much as you should when building.

We've had a fair bit of rain, which has tested the roof well, and unfortunately we had a failure in the garage, with water coming in through the roof. It seems to be some flashing that wasn't installed correctly. After this was fixed the first time, it again leaked in the next lot of rain we had. Hopefully we'lll get some more good rain to test the new fix out.

Our first fence quote came back at a whopping $29K. I nearly fainted. The second quote came back at 25K, which still seemed a little steep. Quote 3, which didn't include the wooden parts of the fence came in at just $9.5K. The wood part should be less than 5-6K, so it pays to shop around and get a few quotes. We should end up doing it for half the price of the first quote.

I'll post some pictures of the fence as it progresses. The footings are down, and thankfully no ruptured has or water lines in the digout.


  1. Congrats on moving in before Christmas!!!!

    Now comes the really busy part, researching & organising all the other bits 'n' bobs related to finishing a house *rolls eyes* - I found it exhausting - blah!
    But wonderful when all done!

  2. Hmm .. not sure if there is anything special about your fence. I've got three quotes for my fences and they are all about $5k - $6k including installation. I've got some contacts from this website, a few of them I think are quite good, such as Dekker Landscaping, Impressive Landscapes. You'll find the contacts from the website. Good luck!