Friday, September 3, 2010

An update about not a lot

Things have really slowed down these last few weeks. We've seen virtually no progress for at last a couple of weeks now. The only change I could see was that the wall and roof insulation has been installed, probably half a day's work. There is still a fair way to go on the contract, but I'm beginning to have some reasonable concerns that the build is not going to come in on schedule. Gyprock was booked today, but at midday, there was no sign of anyone working.

We were the first to commence construction on our block, with the other 3 neighbours building with Beechwood, a private small building firm, and Clarendon. The Beechwood started a good 8 weeks after our build, and we are now the least progressed. The small building firm is winning the race, with all of their internal lining done. They are even up to landscaping and fencing. The Beechwood and Clarendon are about neck and neck, and we are coming dead last, wheezing our way to the finish line like a biggest looser contestant running a marathon. The best comparison to our build is the Clarendon, as it too is a 2 story, and they started just a week or so after us. The gyprock on the Clarendon is all done, and their staircase is in. Our staircase is booked to be started in about 2 weeks.

Hopefully next week we will see some gyprock.

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