Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bricking the second story....

The weather was on our side this week. Kate's parents went by the block on Wednesday and said that there seemed to be no progress, so we weren't expecting too much from today's trip. Well, they must have worked pretty solidly on Thursday and Friday, because things have progressed relatively well. Progress this week has seen the front and side balconies bricked. They look to be about 75% done. The pillar in the alfresco has also grown, and is now near full height, and the bricking of the road side of the house is getting closer to completion. I've taken quite a few pictures. Unfortunately no internals and no close ups. We'll need to book another site visit to get some of these. Happy with the progress this week. We're still lagging behind the Clarendon, but not by as much of a margin as before.

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